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Aluminios Andalucia has 3 Coating lines of last generation, two of which are continous production. The third one produces a broad range of formats, our technology brands ApliMax, ApliSteel and ApliLac.

The high quality of the products that Grupo Andalucia offers, is acheived through a homogeneous, controlled process and by using the best materials – as pure aluminium, chemical products and powder coating. In this way we obtain the best and most consistent surface in the market of the metal.

The coating of coils in Grupo Andalucia is a process with a continous line to get a surface treated aluminium. We are the first Company in Spain that set up the the first coil line of polyester powderMore than 40 years of experience makes us proud of the coating of coils and the rest of products. Our passion for colors & coating gives us the opportunity to create finishes of treated aluminium coils of any imagination and with a high service.

Cutting Coils into Sheets

Cutting Coils into Sheets

Cutting Coils into Strips

Cutting Coils into Strips






“Excellence in illustrative transfering into metal” Sublimation

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Polyester powder coated: Without COV, without lead, without Chromium


The brands, ApliMax and ApliLac are based on quality, finishes and on the investment and continuous innovation, obtaining a high level of performance and technological development  and achieving a maximum quality in the market within surface treatment  of continuous powder coating.

This acheivement is based on satisfying the most demanding requirements of, mainly the construction sector due to the extensive demands of application of polyester powder, polyamide and polyurethane with a homogenous coating, guaranteeing a layer of 60- 80 my.

ApliMax is the Brand for contious coils and ApliLac our products from vertial production (sheet-by-sheet).

Acabados Lacado


*Previous test for validation of bending conditions have to be made by the user

*Contact with Aluminios Andalucia in advance for any doubts about the bending techniques or application.


  • High adherence of the coating to the mill finish.
  • Excellent quality: Durability (10 years*), mechanical (bending 0T*) and various Applications (interior+exterior).
  • Superior resistance to abrasión, corrosión and erosion.
  • Polymerized homogenously and of high quality.
  • Diversity of finishes (RAL, NCS, BS, RDS, Pantone and contratypes) and formats.
  • Possibility of coating Stucco and other surfaces.
  • Fireproof material (CLASS  B-s1, d0).
  • Without dissolvents and Chrome.
  • Available in coils and sheets.
  • Quantities according to clients´ needs.
  • Respecting the environment; no emissions of volatile organic components, reduced use of chemicals, water and energy.

*Durability: Depending on the color and localization of the building. Request documentation.
*Bending according to temper of alloy and thickness of the metal.


Facades, doors, window structures (profile accompaniment) and general finishes for architecture (ventilation facades, sandwhich panes or structures etc.).

engineer (2)  Construction
lamp  Decoration
opened-door-aperture Profiles & Doors
parquet Tread plates & Stucco





Respecting the environment
Without emission of solvents
100% recycling
Without chrome.


C/Fabero, 10
Pol. Ind. Cobo Calleja
28947, Fuenlabrada, España
email-filled-closed-envelope  info@apliband.com


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